5 killer ideas for your festive season marketing campaign

The holiday season is a associated with giving, sharing and family time. Creating a campaign that encapsulates these warm and fuzzy values is the best way to connect with your audience at this time of year.

We know that catalogues serve their purpose and are an effective tool to promote product and price. But far too many brands have fallen into the cycle of doing the same thing every year that produces mediocre results, without careful curation and for the sake of ticking the ‘we did it’ box. This year, take a leaf from these inspired ideas to take your year-end campaign to new heights.

Encourage audience participation
Encouraging your customers to take part in a campaign (in exchange for a prize of course) not only creates buzz and excitement, but it invites customers to become brand advocates, getting involved in your marketing. You’ll be tapping into the user-generated content trend and the content can be shared far and wide. The key? A highly desirable prize.

Use technology
“Gift guides become more than just catalogues if they are thoroughly curated and marketed online as well as other channels,” says Clicks Clubcard editor Kassabaine Petersen. “By creating an immersive online experience, marketers can use an e-commerce site to create gift collections by category i.e. age, gender or price point.”

Tug at the heartstrings
People love helping other people, especially in the festive season. Your campaign could include a donation to a worthy cause with every purchase of your product, or every time someone shares a post using a particular hashtag for the campaign to spread the message.

Offer an incentive
Create online or instore-only bundle offers that are communicated through a gift guide. “Customers love special deals and Clicks holiday specials really do create the perception of good value for example, 3-for-2 deals across departments means you get the third, cheapest product free! In these tough times, that is a good deal in anyone’s books!” says Kassabaine.

Wrap it in luxury
If your product targets a discerning and affluent audience that can afford almost anything, a coveted feature in Private Edition’s annual Luxury Unwrapped campaign may be the perfect fit. “Luxury Unwrapped forms an elegant, luxury environment for brands to show off their beautiful products ahead of the festive season. Seductively styled – each product gets a full-bleed page on our high-quality paper – and written by the editorial team, readers are steered towards the ‘right’ purchasing decisions. We know our audience is time-poor too, and we’re subtly saying, ‘These are best gifts to buy friends and family’,” says Private Edition’s editor Catherine Davis. What informs the product choice for the line up? “The products we curate are those of premium quality, artisanship, heritage, fine design and exclusivity. We choose items (and experiences) that catch our eye, and no gift is too big. It could be an Aston Martin Vantage V8 Coupe, or a hand-crafted, gold-and-ostrich-eggshell inlays backgammon set. If we feature wine, champagne or spirits, it will be a bottle that we know has real investment value, or is in a limited-edition collector’s bottle that’s difficult for the average person to get their hands on. Luxury Unwrapped gifts will delight the giver and receiver,” Catherine adds. And the return on investment is worth it too. Digitally, Luxury Unwrapped 2018 was very successful: the campaign was the best-performing section on the site in November and December, with a total reach of over 600 000 across social, web and newsletters. Combining the Luxury Unwrapped digital and print campaigns allows us and our advertising partners to take the reader on a brand journey across platforms says Catherine.

Need more ideas or want to be part of Luxury Unwrapped this year? Get in touch with us.

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