Meet The Team

Get to know the faces at TPP, a highly motivated and enthusiastic bunch! First up, members of our sales team, Nic Morkel and Sameegha Wolhuter.

Nic Morkel
Role: Advertising Director
Years at TPP: 10

Besides heading up the sales team, Nic’s job includes identifying new business opportunities, commercialising TPP’s brands as well as our client’s platforms across various channels. Ultimately, Nic and his team are responsible for growing revenue and achieving set sales targets. When he’s not wooing advertisers Nic spends time on a surfboard or with his wife and two daughters.

How has commercialising content marketing evolved in the last decade?
Advertisers are increasingly interested in creating a valuable brand experience and content provides the perfect vehicle for brands to tell their story. Advertisers like to spend their ad budget on an array of platforms within a strong digital ecosystem that delivers results, creates awareness, builds brand loyalty and drives sales. The landscape is constantly evolving and it is important to be ahead of the game and up-to-date with global trends. Fortunately TPP was an early adopter, and we have worked with and alongside some of the world’s leading brands commercialising their platforms for around seven years.

What are the benefits for brands to commercialise their content marketing platform?
The first benefit is to generate revenue to offset the costs of producing content for the platform, secondly it’s to help increase turnover and engage with the relevant audience that will be lured into your environment by the advertising.

What’s the key to marrying the right advertiser to the right client?
We work across various sectors and industries, from mass market brands like Ponds and Nivea through to the world’s leading luxury brands such as Rolex and Rolls Royce. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and the key is having a sound understanding of the brand’s objectives, target market, budget and some of the challenges they may face. This knowledge allows us to create minimum benchmarks in terms of campaign delivery. Being agile and responsive, we can then to align the right audiences but also exceed expectations with our campaign results and performance.

Sameegha Wolhuter
Role: Advertising Manager
Years at TPP: almost 9 years

Apart from generating advertising sales across our client’s content marketing platforms, Sam maintains relationships with current advertisers and sources new advertisers. Her effervescent spirit motivates the team to increase overall sales performance. Her favourite part of the job is going on roadshows and interacting with people in different industries everyday. Off duty, Sam is an avid road and trail runner, a wife and a mom to two athletic kids.

How important is it to be a ‘people’s person’ in your line of work?
In sales, you know you’re doing something right if people agree to meet with you because it shows a level of intent to do business. I much prefer a face-to-face interaction because it enables me to sell the brand better. Cold calling and doing business by phone is not my cup of tea!

What lessons have you learned in your years in the business?
Patience is key in this industry because business fluctuates from month to month. I’ve also learned about endurance; one has to be mentally and physically motivated, you can’t give up, you have to keep pushing and stay on top of your game!

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