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How to create customer personas

Unlike stereotypes, customer personas are based on tangible research and evidence and can be used to reliably draw assumptions about your audience, allowing you to tailor your content to suit their needs.

4 essential UX basics for content creators

Your content platform could have great intentions but if the user experience is too clumsy or complicated you won’t have an audience to begin with. Here’s how to perfect your UX.

3 simple ways to optimise your content

Without proper SEO, uploading content online is like playing darts in the dark, it won’t hit your target. Here’s how to separate your content and your brand from the competition.

When telling tales is the right thing to do

People love beginnings, middles and ends… ie stories. We’ve loved them from childhood, so why not use them to grow your business? Here’s why storytelling is so effective for online marketing strategies.

5 steps to effective communication

As a business, your end goal should never be just about selling a service or product, but also about making and maintaining a connection with your customers from which loyalty and trust can grow.

7 Content Trends For 2019

From influencer transparency and chatbots to advancements in virtual reality, here’s how consumers are engaging with content this year.

TPP Introduces The Content Room

In response to the increasing demand for good quality online content, TPP has launched The Content Room, offering a wide range of con- tent packages to businesses who understand the value content can play in driving sales and growth.

What Makes Good Content?

In any content marketing strategy, there will come a time when you will ask yourself whether what you’re doing is really working. Is your content better than your competitors, and is your audience responding as you had hoped?

How To Really Engage With Your Audience

Content marketing is a relationship-building tool. Establishing a rapport, building trust, showing you empathise and are interested in your audience by creating innovative con- tent created just for them will likely result in a natural by-product of sales.

TPP Launches Digital Publication For Edgars

In line with global trends, the retailer takes its key customer communication online. Officially launched in February, the new Edgars Mag is an exciting foray into online content that is engaging.


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