TPP launches Mukuru magazine

A new foray into the underserved African Diaspora in SA has produced a free mag that entertains and informs.

Mukuru, the company that helps you move money around Africa, awarded TPP the task of producing its first venture into lifestyle content for its market in the form of a pocket-sized quarterly magazine.

Primarily catering to customers from other parts of Africa living in South Africa, the magazine is based on the premise of reader longing and nostalgia for the things that connect them to their roots such as culture, food, fashion, music and news from home. ‘We recognise that our customers have sacrificed a lot to move to a foreign country in search of opportunity, and work very hard to provide for themselves and their family back home. In addition to our number-one objective, which is to make sure that their hard-earned money is moved safely and quickly, we want to give them a small reminder of home through Mukuru magazine,’ says the company.

Featuring uplifting and informative content that gives readers advice about family, relationships and legal matters, the magazine is a central hub from which Mukuru customers can get guidance on the things that matter to them most. For TPP, the magazine presents an exciting opportunity to communicate to an audience that’s not yet catered to in the South African print market. Mukuru magazine is distributed freely at all Mukuru kiosks, payout partners and various African embassies in South Africa.

For more information or to advertise in Mukuru magazine, contact or call 087 807 8310.

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