3 simple ways to optimise your content

Without proper SEO, uploading content online is like playing darts in the dark, it won’t hit your target. Here’s how to separate your content and your brand from the competition.

Elevating your site to get more reach and recognition is what content optimisation is all about. It may feel like a daunting task; after all, you’re trying to resonate with both human and robot (search-engine algorithms are moving targets these days), in order to do so.

Get to know your audience’s search habits
The first step to dominating the headlines, so to speak, is to get to know your target demographic’s ‘likes, dislikes and pain points to develop content that entertains, inspires and solves pertinent problems for them’, says Denis Pinsky, Director of Digital Marketing and Analytics at Forbes.com. In addition you also need to know how they are most likely to search, i.e. what keywords they use, and when they are most likely to be online so you can time when your posts go live.

Capture attention
Headlines are very important when it comes to organic search, so employ phrases your audience is likely to use when they’re browsing for information. Stick to around 70 characters. Be sure to keep the momentum going with a captivating opening paragraph that offers readers a concise summary of the article. ‘Search engines reward authors that reveal the big “Ws” of the piece upfront (who, what, where, when and why),’ Pinsky adds. Don’t force keywords; rather incorporate them naturally into the text, so they still attract the search-engine attention you’re after.

Mix it up
Use a variety of content to get your message across. Images, infographics, videos and charts are a great way to increase visibility. Label and caption each graphic used, incorporating your main keywords each time. Break up text with lists and bullets, and use content that invites more internal links, too. This way, readers connect with more stories and resources from your own library, extending the time spent on your site. This lowers your bounce rate and will improve your ranking. Always publish information and data that is factually correct and copy that is error free, and always cite the sources you use.

Content marketing needs to be treated like any other marketing endeavour that stands up to measurable results. Remember, everything you post matters. Content-creation teams have the know-how to create content that is sufficiently optimised to get the search results you’re after. If you need content that’s well-researched, error free and SEO optimised on a regular basis, visit The Content Room for packages that will suit your needs.

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