Myth busting the insource vs outsource debate

Plenty of misconceptions abound when it comes to deciding whether or not to outsource your business’ content marketing. We separate the myths from the facts.

Within any company, two defined groups exist; revenue centres and cost centres. Marketing in general falls under the latter, a necessary evil that can have outstanding returns when given the attention and thought it requires. Companies that place little value in content marketing fail to understand its value and end up neglecting the job by either not putting enough resources behind it or hiring cheapie agencies just to tick the box. Some companies mistakenly hire an above the line agency to do everything and find experience and focus lacking because it requires a different set of expertise. Outsourcing to a professional content marketing company with highly experienced employees will reap your return on investment. Here are some incorrect assumptions from the sceptics:

Myth: outsourcing is more expensive

When looking at the cost estimates supplied by agencies it’s natural to see the number at the bottom and conclude that it’s too costly an exercise. But consider the costs if you were to bring the service in-house. You would need to invest in equipment and extra office space. A huge weight on the budget are salaries for the experienced and highly specialised staff needed to really meet your objectives. Hiring entry-level staff is a mistake many companies make, creating a bloated in-house team with insignificant results. You also need to establish a new workflow for this new division, and provide training where there are gaps in skills.

Fact: for an all-inclusive fee, outsourcing allows you to plug in to an already functional system, where the employees are familiar with the process, getting the results you want quicker with further benefits. Remember, negotiating agency fees is also always an option.

Myth: outsourcing makes deliverables too rigid

Service level agreements are there to define the scope of work and to protect both agency and client. So it’s understandeable to want to follow them to the T, but a seasoned agency understands that requirements change and the need to adapt in the digital arena especially is imperative to remain relevant.

Fact: partnering with an agency that is open to increasing or adapting the scope of work within the agreement can get you results, allowing you to focus on your core business function.

Myth: agencies lack an understanding of our company culture

An outside organisation will take time to get to know your business’ culture. Total immersion and understanding your philosophy is key for any professional agency committed to executing your objectives not only in the correct tone but also from the correct point of view.

Fact: an experienced content marketing agency like TPP offers a dedicated core team working exclusively on your account that become brand custodians and an extension of your business.

Myth: it’s better to outsource to an agency in the same city as my business

When you’re with the right agency, it’s possible to have a highly functional and successful relationship that meets and even exceeds your objectives whether the agency is near or far. It’s about establishing the relationship upfront, agreeing on the goals and the solutions and then maintaining them with regular status meetings in person or by video conference.

Fact: TPP has been the content marketing agency for businesses across South Africa, with a track record of maintaining those relationships, some of which are as old as the company itself.

If you’re considering outsourcing or don’t have a content marketing solution, get in touch with us, we’d love to help.

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