Why healthcare companies should have patient-centric content

With many people turning to the web for health information for themselves or loved ones, if you’re a health or pharmaceutical brand it’s crucial to be part of the conversation.

Admit it, you’ve found yourself typing a symptom you were experiencing into the search box at least once in the past year. It doesn’t make you a hypochondriac or an anomaly, in fact research suggests that one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information and 72 per cent of internet users say they have turned to the web to search for healthcare or medical information. The web is the first place most consumers search to try to self-diagnose their ailment before visiting a doctor. As a marketer in the health, wellness and pharmaceutical space, not having patient-centric health and wellness content on your platform is a huge hole in your strategy that can leave you trailing behind your competition. Together with an experienced content marketing agency, it’s possible to produce content that is compliant while simultaneously meeting your audience’s needs and extending your reach.

What the content looks like
As a brand or product in the healthcare industry, you have access to experts and medical professionals that could help answer some of the most pressing questions online users ask, significantly increasing the traffic to your platform. How you answer those questions is where a content marketing agency can help to produce accessible and relevant content that can position your brand as a health authority.

Don’t over-promise
While this might sound obvious, over eager marketers can easily cross the boundary of possibility in an attempt to present their brand or product in the best light. This is done either by exaggerating the product benefits, over-generalising or only selling the results without properly outlining usage considerations.

Don’t complicate
Due to the fact that both practitioners and patients have access to the medical product information online, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies should tailor their content to different levels of need and understanding, ensuring that physicians can extract the technical information they need while using patient friendly language. Keeping technical terminology and verbosity to a minimum goes a long way not only in keeping users engaged with your content, but also making sure they walk away with a deeper understanding of your brand, service or product and what it stands for.

Do remain transparent
Honest content marketing has the power to service your brand’s reputation because it personalises and humanises it, building trust in the process. Healthcare content is extremely sensitive and cannot withold pertinent aspects of an issue that could come back to haunt you. Transparency counts for a lot in brand sentiment, loyalty and ultimately return on investment.

Case Study
TPP has over 22 years of experience in creating health-related content across various platforms for a variety of clients including Clicks, Life Healthcare hospital Group and Bankmed medical scheme. After four years of producing patient-centric content for the Clicks Health Hub, it now accounts for nearly 10 percent of the retail site’s organic traffic, and customers that visit the retail site via the Health Hub are twice as likely to purchase online than any other visitor.

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